The Threshold Series by Peter Clines - A Review

Today I want to talk about the Threshold Series by Peter Clines. This has three books todate v.i.z. 14, The Fold , and Dead Moon. Clines has built not only an amazing universe in the first two books but also created a set of very likeable and relatable characters in these 2 books. Without giving away any plot spoilers 14 can be best described as a weird mystery, to the likes of thebTV series Lost while The Fold is a solid sci-fi story with interdimenstional travels et al. In short both the books are very great reads. Its the third books in the series, that landed last week, Dead Moon that spolis the good taste.

I was pumped about the universe Clines built since book one and have spent almost 2 years waiting for the third book to land in anticipation of another great story. As intrguing and captivating the story and characters in the first two books are, the third one unfortunatley falls flat on the build up. Honestly if Peter Clines had failed to mention that this is the third in the series, there would be no way or inklings that linked this book to the bigger universe, Better so, the interim book he wrote between The Fold and Dead Moon (called Paradox Bound) actually dropped some easter eggs to the threashold universe that better qualifies it to be the part of this series than his latest official entry. Maybe there is a hope that it will somehow tie-in a better way in the coming installments.

This however is no reason at all to skip the first two books of the series. I strongly stand by those two books and can say its one of the best books I have ever read. There are a lot, but these would definetely be in the list.

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