What am I reading this year...

Its been a while since my last time here, and definetely the first of this year. As any aptly first of the year post goes. I thought lets talk a little about what I plan to read this year, I know its one months too late, but hey it's better than not doing this at all ( I think).

So I completed last year on a high note, with 68 books under my belt. This year, again, I have signed up for finishing 60 books at Goodreads and hope to surpass the goal again. In the hindsight, I think I should also create a shelf called left midway or something, for all those books that I just can't get to complete.
Last year, I took upon myself to read atleast 10 books on econimcs and politics combined and I think I achieved it I(if we count the political biographies as well), Keeping on the same theme, this year I plan to read atleast 10 books that are usually reccomened for high school reading list across US, Why am I doing this? because I feel that since I now live in US, I should try to retroactively read books that are generally reccomended during the schooling years. I think this might help me someway when my kid goes through the same.

Also, I also am going to be standardizing my book ratings on Goodreads with simple and easy scoring,

  • 1 Star: Bad Book! Did not like at all.
  • 2 Star: Meh book. Could have missed it without a second look.
  • 3 Star: Good book! Definetely worth the read.
  • 4 Star: Awesome book. Highly reccomeded.
  • 5 Star: Books so good that it made me think and/or changed my prepective and/or thoroughly enjoyed at a different level.

With this scale, hopefully I will not fall into the dilemma and frustations of Goodread rating scale where they don't allow point five ratings!

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