Lets talk about the Crazy Rich Asians (Book Series)

So I finally finished reading the third (and the last book) in the Crazy Rich Asians series over the weekend. There are three books in the series viz. Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend, and Rich People Problems. These books are written by Kevin Kwan, with the movie adaption of the first one, took America on a cultural storm making it one of the top box office grossers this summer.

While the movie markets the story as a romantic comedy, the books (all three of them) are far from it. At the core of it, the story is a family drama. Kwan has managed to create characters with textbook superficial traits as well as tinge of heart! I picked up the first book, after the twitter uproar the movie created in the last days before its release, and was instantly hooked. The story is very daytime soap like but with brilliantly created characters. I am not sure how much it echoes the actual ultra elite society of super rich Asians of Singapore, Hong Kong, Mainland China and the Malays, but the story is very compelling! What I loved the most of the books was that each book has its own set of central characters which differ in each book. There are off course some central storylines that progress throughout the books but Kwan manages to create different intrigue in each books.

I loved the last book the most in the series as it brings the stories and characters to a more realistic conclusions rather than doing any fan service. These books might not for everyone, but then which book is?? Although, anyone looking for a fun, light and soap opera-esque drama, this is a great series to pick. I don't know about others but reading these books tickled my noodle-loving palate and made me hungry! I know that's weird but I am known to mix food and leisure!

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