Book series recommendation: Special Agent Pendergast

If you are a fan of mystery/crime books, I would highly reccomend you books in the Agent Pendergast series. These are very skillfully written by the duo of Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston. Special Agent Aloysius Xingu Leng Pendergast is the modern day take on Sherlock Holmes. while he works for FBI, has very intersting background and almost always takes up grusome murder mysteries. There are clear inspirations drawn from Sir Conan Doyle's Holmes universe with a strong loyal sidekick, mysterious women, sibling rivarly and a Moriarty-esque arc nemisis.

The first two books in the series Relic and Reliquery features Pendergast as not the main character, but Preston & Lee soon discovered that they have created a very complex and superbly interesting character with Pendergast to have its own series. The only caveat is that the first couple of books needs to be read in that order atleast as it sets up all the important characters in the Pendergast universe with back stories that keeps on evolving throughout. I ploughed through 6 books so far this year and loved every single one of them!

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