Lets talk about The Threshold series again....

Alright, as I talked about Peter Cline's The Threshold series last year, I am still very much in love with the series. I did diss Book #3 Dead Moon last time and wished/wondered if Clines would ever bring back the glory days of 14 and The Fold to his reader. Well, we are all in for a treat! His latest book in the series Terminus brings back the story home, in the present day multiverse and its damn good! I loved each and every moment of the book and devoured it as fast as I could. For readers and followers of the Threshold universe, Clines does a lot with multiple fan services, a gripping story and most importantly, answering more questions! There was a constant grin on my face the whole time I listened to the book.

While 14 and The Fold, are now canonical books #1 and #2, they were fairly independent back in 2015-2017 with no particular order to read. With Terminus, it is officially #4 (if you still want to give Dead Moon a #3) and needs the readers to be caught up with #1 and #2. If you haven't still started the series, this is probably "the" series I would recommend anyone looking for a great mystery to read.

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